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What is the modern diet?

You may be asking yourself these days, what is the current Modern Australian diet? How come every meal you order at a cafe comes with quinoa, kale of even Flakka seed and sprinkled with chia?

A lot has changed since the days of the great Australian mince pie, don’t get me wrong by all means the good ole Aussie meat pie has proved itself over the years and has a long way to go before it ever gets perished from one of Australians all-time favourite foods.

But, we all know that variety and superfoods have increasingly become more and more popular over the years and possibly because our nation is making a more educated decision about what they choose to fuel their bodies with.

Health and fitness is getting promoted everywhere we turn our heads and it is hard not to miss the radio ads from The Commando – Steve Willis urging people to change careers and do what you are born to do which is to become a personal trainer of course.

Building a nation full of health and fitness conscious minded gurus is a feat in itself but it is definitely achievable with the ever growing technology we have access to with our smart phones, smart watches and Fitbit devices.

Together with these smart devices and the knowledge that is being shared all over social media and the world.  Word travels fast and can take off very easily and at times even virally.

Even just a few decades ago where the population was smaller and there wasn’t as many shops around where cafes milk bars on the corners all did well, you can get a sausage roll, a quiche and perhaps some fish and chips and pick up a bag of lollies for the little ones and that would be considered a nice fancy meal.

Superfoods didn’t exist back then, food was considered homemade and as the population grew businesses had to meet up with the demand of the growing population so there were more businesses in competition which meant businesses had to fine-tune their processes by making pies out of factories and putting all sorts of preservatives in their food so they could hold out longer.

However, this meant all these processed foods that you can access to instantly at a local supermarket’s frozen section made people long for healthier home cook food, food that you can’t just get anywhere and especially not loaded up with preservatives.

So people started choosing meals that are considered more beneficial for their bodies, food that makes people feel good about themselves after they’ve eaten it. More nutritional value food and just simple clean eating that won’t weigh you down.

Whether we like it or not, these days we have more choice than ever before and people are choosing the new, the modern and the way of the future. Foods that are current, now and popular and that good ole Aussie meat pie is now considered to be more of a treat.

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