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The 14 Best and Stylish Bridal Hair Styles for Medium-Length Hair

Aside from finding your wedding gown, choosing the perfect bridal hairstyle can be also one of the most exciting yet confusing parts of planning your look on your wedding day.

However, if your main concern is that you have medium-length hair, honestly you don’t have to stress yourself about it.

In the actual fact, medium-length hair can offer you lots of freedom to play around particularly in terms of selecting the best hairstyle. There are lots of bridal hair bun styles for this hair length that selecting the perfect one becomes more difficult.

The majority of them are quite intricate and can be made by professional hairstylists. Others can be done with ease from the comfort of your home. Some styles need beautiful accessories like bridal hair combs and bridal hair flowers, others will look amazing on their own.

If you have medium hair, your wedding hairdo does not have to be traditional, boring, or stuffy. Instead, it can be fresh, trendy, and sophisticated.

In this article, we have compiled the best and stylish bridal hairstyles for medium hair. We are certain that there is at least one style that will suit your personality and look.

Half-up half-down hairdo

Medium-length hair will look exceptional with some texture as well as volume, most especially when being tailored for weddings.

Half-up half-down is one of the most common hairdos for this hair length. What’s more, it is pretty simple to make. All you have to do is leave some tresses to frame your face, wrap-around, and then pin the upper party to make a semi-braided upshot. After that, curl it gently and brush over the lower part to achieve a romantic outcome.

Medium Bobs

Without a doubt, bobs are still one of the widely used bridal hairstyles for medium-length hair these days. Some of the fashion trends include the choppy futuristic layers and shag cut that has uneven ends for an edgy shabby finish.

In today’s day and age, waves of all kinds are highly fashionable making it easier for everybody to be on the trend. On the other hand, fine tresses can be layered to offer it more volume. To achieve a modern look, you can wear a medium bob with twisting random waves to make your hair look thicker.

Curl Bun With Hair Pin

Another great wedding hairdo for medium tresses, you may stick out the end portions and try out a bun. Then roll them using tiny pin curls and stick them to the bun using bridal hair pins. You can also use hair gel and fixing spray to achieve the needed style and firmness. To complete the look you can accessorize it with bridal hair flowers.

Twisted Bun

If you want to achieve a vintage look on your wedding day, then this one is for you. Simply take your tresses back and create a ponytail. If you have bangs, you can leave them at this point, because you will need to work on the ponytail first. Get sections from the ponytail, create small twists and then stick them in a bun. For your bangs, you can utilize a hair gel and style them to waves. For accurate waves, you make use of a large tub curler and brush out. To finish the look, you can use a fixing spray.

Full-Length Curls

This hairstyle can be worn by any bride who has medium hair. You can create a top-notch bun and by the way, don’t forget to leave some sections of your hair on each side. Complete your look with some hairpins.

Asymmetrical Bob

This hairstyle will make the wearer look contemporary. What’s more, it suits all styles of wedding gowns.

Asymmetrical bobs, on the other hand, are the perfect option if you have coarse or thick medium-length hairs since they offer your hair with a lot of beautiful shapes and keep it exquisitely under control.

Curled Pony

If your medium hair is thick then a curled pony hairdo will definitely look good to you. It is worth noting that it is a quite difficult style, but a professional and skilled hairstylist can make it without any hassle and issue.

High hair twist

One of the most popular tricks used for bridal hairdos for medium hair is high hair. This hairstyle will offer your hair some volume boost that is particularly beneficial for brides with fine hair. In the meantime, only the upper part of your hair is styled in order to leave the length down.

Flowery Headband

If your wedding style is boho or anything that is close to nature, then there is not anything you should do about your locks. As a matter of fact, this hairstyle is simple yet elegant. This only involves medium hair that flows down. To complete the look, you can add a floral headband.

Side Part

This simple hairstyle can actually make a great wedding look on any hair length. To create volume, brush some part of your tresses to one side and curl the other side. To enhance your overall look, incorporate some floral accessories.

Sophisticated braided style

Braiding is accessible for ladies at all times even though their medium hair does not appear to be long enough for a gorgeous bridal hairdo. With the top strands, you can make a loose French braid that will look amazing.

Curly Bob

A curly bob can be one of the most amazing bridal styles if you keep it simple. A huge locks may be a hairdo on its own. However, if you add simple accessories you will shine as well.

Loose braided bun

This bridal hairstyle will surely save your day owing to the volume it adds. To do this, you can begin braiding at the upper part of your hairline to offer this hairdo more complexity. Further, you can add beautiful hair accessories and you are ready to go.

Rolled chignon

A rolled chignon is one of the easiest bridal looks to rock particularly if you have medium length hair. Actually, this hairdo is just a matter of rolling your hair over and locking in place. Allow a few coils to hang down and then add a romantic and curly tone to the entire look.


Regardless of your overall vibe or hair texture one of these 14 bridal hairstyles is bound to fit you. We hope that with the help of this post you will be able to find the best hairdo that suits you the most.

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