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A post hole auger is really a DIY staple and will come in useful for a wide range of activities at home.

Along with ice-cubes angling, a post hole auger is an ideal instrument for setting up a new fence, erecting a mailbox or signs and digging up holes inside the back garden or yard for planting shrubs and plants.

Their flexibility, higher-finish and strong building, and trouble-free overall performance means they are a necessity-have device for just about any severe home owner or DIYer.

The marketplace houses a wide array of post hole diggers. You are able to elect to choose the simplicity of any handbook product or perhaps a powered one particular in the event you prioritize velocity and ease of use.

Standards for Choosing the Best Post Hole Augers

Power Source

When choosing a post hole auger, you’ll have to select from the motor- driven and guide post hole augers, every coming featuring its fair share of upsides and downsides.

A handbook auger comes with the advantages of cost, light and extremely portable style, and excellent simplicity in design and style. It’s an ideal option for lighting- to a method- responsibility earth breaking up.

The only drawback is that it demands some severe muscle mass and upper body power for pressing down into different soil types. Under motor-driven post hole augers, it is possible to pick among battery-, electrical power- and gas-powered designs.

They’re all come with lots of strength for effortlessly and quickly drilling slots. Nonetheless, they’re also higher priced than their handbook alternatives.


This boils down to how big the electric motor and the blade. For better and faster, and easier outcomes, choose one using a bigger electric motor and larger blade.

Huge cutting blades are best for piercing via difficult or densely-packed soils as there is a knack for scooping copious amounts of earth. Should they feature a pointed style with tapered ends and broad tops, their performance will be more remarkable.

A huge engine also translates to a lot more energy which will take the time and energy away from digging by means of difficult soils. For periodic hole digging at home, take into account going for a product showing off reasonable electric motor and blade dimensions.


A post hole auger should be all about overall performance. One feature that substantially improves convenience is cushioned or ergonomically designed manages.

Along with enhancing comfort and ease, they also facilitate a secure, organization, and non-slip hold and minimize the likelihood of knuckle collision, hands exhaustion or stress.

As for versatility, the post hole auger ought to be compatible with a wide range of auger cutting blades for easy drilling on an array of garden soil types. A lightweight design maneuverability and controllability, and portability. In the event you don’t look after toxic gases or sound, then this fuel-driven post hole auger won’t be a perfect choice.

Building High quality

Drilling slots via tightly-stuffed soils exposes the blades or parts to plenty of attrition. If the post hole auger is poorly made, the blades and even the handles can easily give in after just a few uses.

As a result, it’s vital that you simply choose a design suitable towards the garden soil kind you want to drill via.

Challenging soils demand that the blades be forged from higher-conclusion materials to withstand plenty of attrition and heavy, intense use.

A deal with produced from fiberglass or metal offer exceptional durability and power, and durability in comparison to those created from timber. When possible, guarantee the design features a warranty.

Often Inquired Questions

Q: Exactly what are the benefits of a handbook option over a powered one?

A: The huge benefits are manifold. As well as offering exceptional control and adaptability, handbook post hole augers can also be incredibly safe, cost-effective, longer lasting.

Q: How do I keep risk-free when using a single?

A: To begin with, it’d be sensible to always put on defensive clothing like safety gloves and goggles. Also, if you’re employing a gas-operated product, cigarette smoking won’t be a smart thing to do. Also, use both hands to provide you with outstanding control, which is important thinking about the rates of speed at which the cutting blades can turn.


A post hole auger is really a solid and essential instrument for just about any serious DIYlover and homeowner, or specialist who wants to plant, fence, ice sea food, and dig slots without putting in a long time or effort.

So long as you work within your budget and keep an eye out for the crucial characteristics we discussed before, getting a post hole auger that best fits your needs ought to be a breeze.

Our list characteristics the best of the best. They’re relatively cost-effective, user friendly, highly effective, and very efficient. Choose prudently

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